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Senior school

Senior Secondary Curriculum

Year 10 is Senior Preparatory year. Students study the core subjects of English, Mathematics, Science, Social Science and Health and PE. A range of elective subjects are offered which align with Senior QSA subjects. We offer a comprehensive range of subjects in Years 11 and 12, at all levels of ability and skills, designed to enhance multiple pathway options for students. Detailed subject specific information can be found in the Miles SHS Senior Subject Selection Guide.

Authority Subjects

These OP subjects are developed by the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA). Many of the Authority subjects are regarded as academically demanding. Students not achieving a sound level of achievement in a Year 10 subject will find the equivalent Authority subject at Year 11 level difficult to cope with. Authority subjects are designed to prepare students for tertiary studies at university level.

Note: Students who wish to qualify for an OP and hence tertiary study must study the equivalent of 5 Authority subjects.


Authority Registered Subjects

These non-OP subjects are developed by and registered with the QCAA. They tend to place more emphasis on practical skills and primarily designed to prepare students for entry into the work force and/or TAFE after Year 12.

Virtual Schooling Subjects

These subjects are delivered remotely by the Virtual Schooling Service (VSS) via virtual (computer based) interactive lessons. They run as traditional subjects save that the teacher is not physically present. As these courses do not originate from this school, they do not always fit neatly into our timetable. Students may have to attend these classes through breaks, before school or when other classes are scheduled. Every effort will be made to minimise disadvantage caused by this, however students must be aware that it is their responsibility to catch up on any work missed due to a timetable clash. Students who choose VSS subjects must have the ability to work well without direct supervision. Subjects that have been studied virtually by our students include: Mathematics C, Physics, IPT, Economics, Japanese, Legal Studies, Modern and Ancient History.

Composite Class Structure

All subjects other than Maths and English are delivered as composite classes. This may limit the number of students able to access individual classes in year 11, as a class ceiling may apply. Some subjects are also limited in size due to safety considerations, workshop and facility size. Students who have not demonstrated acceptable attitude, work output and commitment in their junior curriculum will not have priority in competitive situations where class sizes are limited.